Sunday, August 28, 2011

How you do one thing is how you do everything

1. Do you give yourself as much love as you give to others?
2. Do you take your vitamins regularly like you check your email regularly?
3. Do you allow people to speak harshly to you in the same way you allow your ego to say mean things to yourself?
4. Do you put the same quality of clothes on your body as you do the food you put into your body?

5. Do you follow through at work with the same committment as you do your weekly workouts?

6. Do you set up healthy barriers to keep negative energy out of your space in the same way that you mindfully speak positively of others?
Question #1 asks you to consider your amount of self love. We so often put the needs of others before our own. Doing this isnt providing you the foundation you need to support other people. When you forget about fulfilling your own needs so you can please other people, you are merely standing on top of a house of cards.
#2- You need to balance it out. Any kind of good energy that goes into your body can balance out the nonstop energetic exertion that you experience every day. If you dont bring in the good chi, the stuff you put out will be mediocre at best.
#3 - Be conscious of the way you speak to yourself. You are wonderful and perfect in this moment. If you want to make changes, do it, but love yourself along the journey.
#4 - You are what you eat, how you dress is how you present yourself and they both go hand in hand. You get oil changes to your car right? Do you ever detox or cleanse your body? Press the Re-Start button and jump start your health and your wardrobe. When your healthy and you feel good, you look good.
#5 - Dont stand in your own way. The only thing stopping you from reaching the next level in your business or physical capacity is whatever excuse your using to stay comfortable and small. Stay committed and be on track. Dont let anything slow you down. YOUR the boss of you.
#6 - Be mindful of keeping positive energy in your circle. Be kind to those you encounter and speak eloquently of others. If you're putting positive energy into your space, your light is brightening all negativity and darkness.
Be exceptional. Be positive. Be thorough. Set the standard and raise the bar

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  1. luv this Nic. although i don't believe that "how we do one thing is how we do everything"...the only constant is change. i believe that how we do things is constantly changing and not always indicative. thanks for the food4thought! shay shay bises.