Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Candy Packaging Ideas

Package this sweet honeycomb brittle in cellophane bags, and close each bag with this adorable fold-over "Season's Eatings" gift label.

Package brittle in round chip-wood boxes and affix a pretty "Made with Love" or "Enjoy" gift label to the lid.

Red-and-white-striped peppermint candy sticks, jelly beans, jawbreakers, and foil-wrapped chocolates make easy, beautiful Christmas decorations and gifts. Save jelly, pickle, and spaghetti sauce jars to make this craft, or purchase containers at a discount store.

Take holiday photo cards to the next level: Paste an image on a small container and fill it with candy bearing personalized holiday greetings. Coat a small box, outside and in, with red nontoxic acrylic paint; let dry. Trace the box top onto card stock. Draw a circle about 1/2 inch larger around the traced circle; cut out with scalloping shears. Repeat to make a second circle. Print or photocopy a photograph, adjusting the color, if desired. Trace the box top onto the picture; cut out. Use craft glue to affix the photo to one of the scalloped red circles; let dry. Affix that circle to the top of the box and the other circle to the bottom using craft glue.Fill with candy.

Wrap candy boxes in solid-color red or white paper and wind different colors and widths of ribbon around them. Fill out a simple white gift tag and thread the ribbon through it.

Miniature felt Christmas stockings or ribbon-wrapped jars make great gift containers for candy. Check out Michael's. I bet they have a bunch of these there.

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