Friday, June 10, 2011

Look out for Outlook

We've all been there..We've felt the nausea inducing, gut twisting, computer chucking feeling that results from a mistakenly sent message. Did I?? Did I just?? Noooooo!!! You then curse the nonexistence of an emergency ABORT button ( unless you use gmail, which in that case click here )

But its so easy to do! The "reply" button is right by the "reply all" and your fingers get stuck or so does the mouse and before you know it, you hit send and your email disappears into the matrix of doom. Now sometimes your merely embarassed, but sometimes there are more severe consequences ...the latest Congressman scandal anyone? Dont get me started on naked pictures..

So here are a few tips to avoid shit hitting the fan:

- Keep your emails professional even to your coworkers you consider your friends. Its a work computer and they can pull emails in 2 seconds since its company property.

- Write your email first. Insert the recipient last.

- double check that Outlook doesn't autofill Karen your sister as Karen your boss. It doesn't know any better so type out the full name.

Last but not least...keep it classy. Nobody's staying recession-free these days. Your long hard earned degree all down the tubes for a wrong email costing you your job= FML no :)
Jobless isn't the future your shelling out hundreds of bucks a month in student loan payments for so be careful! As I write this my coworker is running around cursing...guess she should've read this first.


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