Monday, June 27, 2011

The Phoenix Process

"Our life is a product of our decisions, not our conditions"

"Whether you can or you can't, its whichever you think!"

If you change your thoughts, it will change your life. Our thoughts affect our actions and our actions determine our life. Instead of thinking of all the obstacles between you and your goals, think of all the opportunity between you and your goals. Force yourself to turn the 80% of negative self talk into 80% of positive self talk.

Your thoughts are the cause and your life is the effect. If you wish to change the effect, you must first change the cause. Obstacles exist only in the mind- in actuality its opportunity waiting for you to take action.

Every day is a new beginning. We all know this to be true. But sometimes it feels exhausting. Sometimes we feel the mundane and hard truth that today feels like yesterday and the day before and the day before that. It feels like Groundhog where's the silver lining? It was just a movie, though even in the film the frustrating experience Phil was experiencing in life made him begin to re-examine his priorities and made him start to want a better, more meaningful life. And the truth is, we always have a choice. Although our minds may be telling us that "this difficult time in my life is going to last forever" that is an illusion. If we are caught feeling shame, guilt, regret, or fear, we project those feelings onto the future and miss living in the now. Then of course, it doesn't feel fresh, new or exciting.

There seems to be common themes in everyone's lives these days. Change. Its everywhere.

Things are crumbling, falling away, shifting and changing. Its sort of like the Phoenix Process. As the story goes, the Phoenix dies in a flame and then rises out of the ashes to be born anew. The result was a fusion of who he had been before and who he was to become , allowing the new self to unfold and integrate with his old self. Sometimes life asks you to reproduce yourself from the broken pieces of difficult times . I guess the theme is to emerge from frustration and disappointments and be more than you were before. Be reborn from the habits, people, jobs, relationships and circumstances that are falling away.

Sometimes life gives us a hard shove and shakes us to our very core for us to even consider change. Create a vacuum by letting old negativities burn away. I guess the old must die for the new to enter, and I have to create space so that life can begin to show me my own worth. And the next chapter will be a beautiful one indeed ;)

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