Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Don't hate me because my nails are beautiful

Whats not to love about nail polish? One more way to accessorize! OPI's newest collection marries the bright and bold colors of summer beautifully here. And what a happy marriage it is! Cool blues, pretty purples and who new green could make me feel brand new? Summer is a time when we show of skin and nails and toes and what a better way to portray your personal style. I've seen some of these colors on girls lately and I must say I did a double take and wondered why I hadn't though of it sooner. My personal faves are the "fiercely fiona" and "what's with the cattitude"...try it with your red or purple bathing suit and I swear people will take notice..and in a good way. Pair one of these funky colors at your all white party or with your fave black dress and hope people don't hate you because your beautiful.

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