Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Grateful for it All

As we are stepping towards Thanksgiving - it's natural for our thoughts to begin to look back over the year and see how far we've come. We are also starting to slow down from the daily grind and are putting our focus on family, friends and the things that are most meaningful to us.  It's fun, full of love, and celebration.

But what does being grateful mean? Webster's defines being grateful as, "appreciative of benefits received".  I think on a deeper level the outcome of our lives isn't found in present circumstances, but - rather, the MEANING we give our present circumstances and, as a result, the ACTION we take from BELIEVING this meaning.

If we are grateful for EVERYTHING that happens in our lives, some people think that's kind of crazy. But, wait...think about it.. Isn't there benefit from every situation or circumstance? Isn't there a lesson to learn or an opportunity to grow? Isn't there Grace in every bad situation, if we look closely enough ? Can't we learn from our mistakes and make a new choice. Aren't unhealthy situations teaching us how to have more self-love and, as a result, awesome and powerful education for our lives? Isn't every break up an opportunity to trade up?

Depending on how YOU are LOOKING out at life, you will answer these questions differently. But the GRATEFUL point of view would answer YES to all the above questions. If you give your life an empowering meaning, then you can see the true benefit in every situation. And in being appreciative of these benefits (especially if they hurt), you put yourself on a track that is in alignment with the teachings that The Universe is trying to show us.

Human beings learn through pain. We just do. Let's step into gratitude for the times that challenge us. Almost every challenge, hard time or seeming disaster - over time - will prove to be immense acts of grace and beauty. We, today, have the opportunity to see these moments for what they truly are.

If we look close enough, we can see that we can receive massive benefit from all the circumstances in our lives. We can get extreme value from the tough times, the break downs, break ups and seeming disappointments. When we are grateful, even for the challenges, we make the huge leap from lack and blame based thoughts and take a step into abundance and empowerment. When we are grateful for it all, we have truly become rich. Then, whatever happens, we stay in our power, we stay grateful and miracles begin to be a daily occurrence. They have been there the whole time - they've just been waiting to be seen by us.

This is our opportunity - to be grateful for the whole journey. Not just the highs - no, but the lows, too. For each are teachers and come filled with a blessing if we have the miracle mindset to see them.

~ Daily Love

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