Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daily Love

We, as human beings, need to been seen. We are built for relationships. Our entire world is setup as sets of relationships that we all mutually rely upon.

The child relies on the parents for love, support and nurturing.

The student relies on the teacher to learn.

The teacher relies on the student to show the teacher how they can teach better.

The maker of products relies on the consumer.

The consumer relies on the maker of products.

We rely on our friends and our friends rely on us.

And so on...

Examples of relationships that are setup for mutual benefit are endless - because that is the nature of life.

We come together because we can't make it alone.

The thing is, we get all caught up in relationships that we think are serving our greatest happiness, but many times they are simply toxic. And while we can learn from toxic and negative relationships, let us not dwell there.

A key thing to remember is THIS: We have relationships so that we can be HAPPY MOST of the time. Loving someone isn't showing them how much you are willing to suffer for them. Loving someone, starting with yourself, is a demonstration of how HAPPY you are willing to be - for YOURSELF and THEM.

The only thing you owe other people is your happiness.

When we seek to GET something from someone that we THINK is lacking within, we are setting ourselves up for pain and a big time lesson.

To flip the switch, the question we must ask is not "What can I get?" but instead, "What can I give?"

When we show up to be of service in life, we change our relationship with all of life. As a result, we begin to step into the abundance that is promised to us by The Uni-verse, because are seeking now to give instead of to just get.

A thriving relationship is made up of GIVERS and FORGIVERS

So be both, be all things good to yourself so that you can be all things good to others. Let people in, be a good person, be caring and giving and I'm betting you'll be pretty happy with the results.

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