Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Find a Way or Find an Excuse

Let's get something straight right now - you and me - we have the EXACT same amount of time as Shakespeare, Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson or any other genius who has ever lived. We breathe the same air. We see the same Sun.

If we want to become true MASTERS of our lives - we must begin to master ourselves and master our TIME.

TIME and MONEY are two things people ALWAYS use as excuses for why their life isn't the way that it is. And you know what - I say that if you don't have the TIME or the MONEY - then it's about TIME to start CREATING the TIME and MONEY.

People who achieve amazing things have the same amount of time as people who don't. There are many things that go into being a master, that go into standing out, but one of the most important ingredients is TIME.

If we truly want to create our day, change our life and live life on our terms, we MUST learn how to master time. This is a MUST - not a should. If it's should, you will end up shoulding all over yourself!

Think about the things that you want to do. Look at your schedule. Then MAKE the time. You may have to give up social engagements or sacrifice other things - but isn't it worth it?

If you want to lose weight - MAKE TIME and SCHEDULE your workouts ahead of time. Schedule time to cook and go shopping. Schedule time to learn about how to be healthy. If you want to be a writer - WRITE.  Even if you only schedule an hour a day and write a page a day in one year you will have written 365 pages.

If we are going to take our lives to the next level, it's time to knock off the excuse of not having enough time, get clear about our priorities and then SCHEDULE the things that matter most.

The TRUTH is that you CAN HAVE IT ALL. And it starts with mastering your time. Master your TIME and you begin to master your DESTINY. Busy people make time work for them; people who are frustrated try to work for their time. Flip the switch today and take control of your schedule.

We all have the same amount of TIME; what separates us in the end is how WE CHOOSE to use it

~~ Daily Love

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